Sustainability is a crucial issue that affects all of our daily lives and the planet as a whole. Businesses, including dental practices, have a significant role to play in reducing their environmental impact. Portside Dental is a dental practice that has taken steps to address sustainability concerns.

Single Use Plastics

One of the main areas of concern for Portside Dental was the amount of plastic waste generated during dental appointments. Infection control policies require the use of plastic barriers to prevent cross-contamination. However, instead of using traditional single-use plastic barriers, Portside Dental switched to using compostable plant-based barriers produced by the Australian company Ecoplas™. This change significantly reduces plastic waste and provides an eco-friendly alternative. The practice also engages the services of a soft-plastics recycling company to recycle other plastic waste.

Going Digital

Portside Dental also uses digital technology to reduce its environmental impact. The practice uses digital dental X-rays, which significantly reduces the amount of radiation for patients and eliminates the need for chemicals to produce the images. Similarly, Portside Dental uses a digital scanner, the iTero, to send images of patients’ teeth directly to the dental laboratory. This approach is not only better for the environment but also more comfortable for patients.

Energy Consumption

The practice also takes steps to reduce its energy consumption. LED lighting is used throughout the practice, reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency. The practice’s hot water service is powered by solar panels, further reducing energy consumption.

Going Paperless

Portside Dental also uses digital records to reduce paper waste. All patient records are stored digitally, and patients can complete forms online, which saves directly to their file. Appointment reminders and aftercare instructions are sent via email or SMS, reducing paper use.

In conclusion, Portside Dental is a dental practice that has taken significant steps to address sustainability concerns. The practice’s commitment to sustainability is a testament to its dedication to providing the best possible care to its patients while reducing its environmental impact.

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